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Cancer thriver Edith

real people, real lives--message for Sen. rubio

Cancer survivor Edith shares her story, asking Sen. Rubio to vote NO on the Senate's "Wealthcare" bill. 

Rep. Gaetz says 45 "should" release his taxes.

45 "should release" his taxes

Rep. Matt Gaetz, in a bowling alley bar filled with 500+ people, said 45 should release his taxes. The crowd was a little revved up because Gaetz had just proposed a bill to eliminate the EPA

Rep. Gaetz Town Hall April 12, 2017 part 2

Part 2 of Rep. Gaetz's Holmes County town hall in Ponce de Leon, FL. 

Rep. Gaetz Town Hall April 12, 2017 part 1

Holmes County town hall with Rep. Gaetz. Four of us trekked 1.5 hours to find him at the eastern edge of the district. 

Rep. Gaetz Town Hall April 20, 2017

rep. matt gaetz town hall 

6:30 a.m. town hall at Pensacola Beach. As usual, Rep. Gaetz continues the tradition of holding a town hall at the most inconvenient time and location to discourage participation from his constituents. Again, as usual, he was dismissive of the concerns of his constituents--unless they are friends, like the charter fishing owner who was able to speak for far longer than anyone confronting Rep. Gaetz on his positions.