About Us

Nationally, the Indivisible movement seeks to promote a progressive and inclusive agenda. Part of that agenda is to prevent President Trump from destroying the democratic ideal called America. Indivisible Northwest Florida (NWFL) will promote and further that agenda through the achievement of three goals:

  • Work to seat Democrat candidates in the FL-1st congressional district in the 2018 midterm elections. Our founding fathers instilled the Constitution with Checks and Balances. The legislative branch is tasked to keep the President in check. By loosening the GOP grip on the House of Representatives, we fulfill the intended spirit of the Constitution.
  • Increase voter participation. Participation does not end on election day. Providing voters with the resources to call and actively engage with their elected officials keeps our democracy strong and honest.
  • Maintain elected Representative vigilance. By knowing how our representatives vote, we can ensure they vote in the people’s best interest and not for special interests.

The group was conceived of on January 15, 2017 and began adding members on the group’s Facebook page 5 days after the inauguration of President Trump. Within the span of 3 months, the group has grown to well over 725 members. Indivisible NWFL has an active, vocal, dedicated membership that spans the political spectrum. During the first congressional break, our new Representative, Matt Gaetz, held a town hall in a bowling alley bar as the culmination of a full day’s politicking. Indivisible NWFL along with area progressives and environmentalists turned out “ bigly ” and Rep. Gaetz found himself facing emphatic and determined criticism of his position on the doomed American Health Care Act and his own one-sentence bill to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.


Contact us:  [email protected]