WEAR TV covers our S. 1073 rally

It rained. we rallied against s. 1073 anyway


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Protesters concerned new bill will change Pensacola Beach culture

H. 2370/S. 1073 Escambia County Land Conveyance

Escambia county land conveyance

Public lands being made private

H. 2370/S. 1073

Matt Gaetz in the House, as well as both Se. Rubio and Sen. Nelson in the Senate, have proposed legislation that nullifies a 1946 Congressional land conveyance that gifted the citizens of Escambia County with Santa Rosa Island, the barrier island, that is home to Pensacola Beach, Navarre Beach, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

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Group United to Oppose Trump Agenda

Indivisible NWFL responds to Rep. Matt Gaetz: Rep. Matt Gaetz recently wrote, “Indivisible NWFL is a liberal organization dedicated to frustrating the Trump agenda.” Rep. Gaetz is very dedicated to getting the facts right, but he got one point wrong in that statement...

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Pensacola News Journal June 23, 2017