Save Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach Petition

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has passed legislation in the U.S. House to sell off Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach to private developers. The land is currently protected by a 1946 Congressional Land Conveyance that guarantees all leases on the beach belong to and must benefit the public. Gaetz' bill would take away these public land rights. Senator Marco Rubio has introduced the bill in the Senate, where it is currently in the Energy & Natural Resources Committee.

The public gains nothing and will lose Billions of dollars in valuable assets.

The take-away here is that, with the demise of thousands of leases on Santa Rosa Island, the biggest winners are the tax coffers of Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, and real estate developers. The losers are the residents of northwest Florida and the island itself.   Barrier islands form to protect coastal areas. They are critical to healthy environments. Intact islands are important protection from rising waters, tides, and storm damage, so artificially breaching a barrier island is rarely good ecological practice.

This is not a partisan issue.

This would set a horrific precedent by reversing DEEDS and ownership to Publicly held lands

This is a public vs. private, citizen vs. developer, greed vs. public good issue.

If this could happen to Santa Rosa Island, which is entirely within the boundary of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and owned by the citizens of Escambia County, it could happen anywhere.


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SUPPORT S.2849/H.R.5820, the Detention Oversight, Not Expansion Act (DONE Act)


Call your MOC's and tell them to SUPPORT S.2849/H.R.5820, the Dentention Oversight, Not Expansion Act (the DONE Act)

U.S. Senator Merkley was threatened with arrest when he tried to inspect conditions at a Brownsville, TX privately-run child-detention center, which raises serious questions about what they are trying to conceal from Congress and the public. S.2849/H.R.5820, the Detention Oversight, Not Expansion Act (DONE Act) halts expansion of detention facilities in favor less costly and more humane community-based alternatives. It also requires unannounced independent inspections and audits to ensure compliance with federal laws.

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SUPPORT S. 3036, the Keep Families Together Act

Stop Separating IMMIGRANT Families

Call Sen. Rubio and tell him to SUPPORT S. 3036, the Keep Families Together Act

Horrendous stories have emerged that describe children ripped out of their parents arms at the border and disturbing depictions of the living conditions at detention facilities holding these children now labeled "Unaccompanied Minors." Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) described a facility in Texas holding hundreds of young migrants as a "series of cages that look a lot like dog kennels." Border patrol agents have told parents that their children were being taken to get baths, only for the children to never return. A child was even ripped away from a mother while breastfeeding; the mother was subsequently handcuffed for resisting.

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Save Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach Petition

sign the petition to save pensacola beach and navarre beach

There’s a multi-billion dollar land grab moving through Congress.
The Senate is working on S. 1073, the Escambia County Land Conveyance Act. The purpose of the bill is “To authorize Escambia County, Florida, to convey certain property that was formerly part of Santa Rosa Island National Monument and that was conveyed to Escambia County subject to restrictions on use and reconveyance.”

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Independent investigation into #TrumpRussia

Urge your members of Congress to publicly demand an independent investigation of Russian interference in our election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Moscow. At a House Intelligence Committee hearing, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the FBI has an on-going investigation into the Trump campaign’s coordination with Russian officials, which it started last July.

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Request #TrumpTaxes

Urge members of Congress to demand President Trump’s tax returns, whether by subpoena, resolution, legislation or otherwise. Democrats and a growing number of Republicans in the House and Senate have supported a variety of different initiatives to obtain Trump’s tax returns which Trump, unlike any president in 50 years, has refused to release.

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